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outside sign of broadway liquor outlet minneapolis


Our customers come to our store because they want something new. Something fresh. Something fun. They want to walk into a place that doesn't feel like all the other dingy, crowded, dimly lit liquor stores.


And that's what you'll get every time.

wine bottles and shelves in liquor store

We sample hundreds of hand-picked bottles to make sure you get the best products for your price point.


Take a look through our collection of spirits, including lots of exclusive, premium products.

liquor bottles in minneapolis store
local craft beer in beer section

Everyone has their favorites, so we aim to please by constantly updating our beer options on a seasonal basis so you can find the latest in the market.

dean rose owner of broadway liquor outlet with belaire cutout

Leading the Way

We’ve got something no other store has: Dean Rose, owner of Broadway Liquor Outlet.

Over the years, Dean has traveled the world to develop an enviable palate. He’s been amassing tried-and-true favorites as well as the finer options for those who want that elevated taste.

From dusting liquor store shelves at 10 years old to exploding our presence in Minneapolis, Dean has honed in on every small detail of adult beverages.


For him, it’s more than just selling bottles. Dean’s goal is to create a collection that makes you stop and say wow.

“Need a guide? Come meet me. I’ll take you on the same journey I’ve been on so that the bottle you go home with today is the perfect one for you.”

historical photo of braodway ave and penn ave in minneapolis minnesota


It's been a long adventure of emerging trends, new generations of customers, and a very convincing tornado that suggested we build a new store.

But what keeps us going is the chance to share a drink with our neighbors, all while watching this city grow from our corner in the heart of the Northside. Thanks for stopping in.


Here's to another 75 years!

outside of liquor store in north minneapolis
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